The Burdens of War and Redemption Through Christ

War is primal and it is visceral. It pits man vs man in mortal conflict and it is generally the most memorable event of anyone’s life for those who lived through one. The problems ... Continue Reading →

A Plea: Move Out and Cover Our Disable Veterans!

It’s always a joy seeing and working with other veterans. This is because of a shared camaraderie. That camaraderie is deep, respectful, and colorless which keeps Veterans closer ... Continue Reading →

Suicide: Understanding the Causes and Coping

In the mid-1990s, while teaching middle schoolers, we received news from a late arriving student that one of the 8th graders was hit by a car on his way to school less than ½ mile ... Continue Reading →

Leader Guilt

Guilt can manifest in interesting ways within the life of soldiers. We are mostly familiar with survivor guilt among soldiers and their battle buddies. However a lesser known type of ... Continue Reading →

Leave No Man Behind: Our New Mission

Everyone who has ever served has one particular saying pummeled into them throughout their time in the military, “Leave no man behind.” Whether it’s your closest battle ... Continue Reading →