Think About It: Conscience Over Comfort

I have been in some pretty uncomfortable places in my life. I have spoken to a group of Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) where I was the only male in attendance and I have attended ... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Stay Faithful and Focused on Christ

I have been asked many times, “Chaplain how do you do it?” How do you stay faithful and focused on Christ during deployment? This is one application. Another, is how do ... Continue Reading →

Are you for us or our enemies? Neither!

During my second deployment (Iraq 2005-2006), I was asked by a soldier if I thought God was on our side or on the side of the Muslim terrorists that kept blowing us up every day. I ... Continue Reading →

Think About It: Me to We

I remember when our daughter Zoe was about 3, she taught my wife and I a valuable lesson. Leslie and I had established a habit of going on dates throughout raising our children. We ... Continue Reading →

In Too Deep

During Desert Storm, I was a 20 year old PFC. Being out of the United States of America for the very first time and traveling to Saudi Arabia was quite a culture shock for a guy from ... Continue Reading →

Why We Started Veterans to Christ

It’s not experiences that defines a person, but for many men and women who have lived through war, those experiences oftentimes control them. They struggle to live in the present ... Continue Reading →

Draw Near to God

Soldiers join the military for a plethora of reasons and originate from just as many unique family situations. It has taken me decades to reconcile with God and family members over ... Continue Reading →

Leaving the Military: What Now?

Nothing has been more worrying and stressful than my path of transitioning out of the military. It is all I have known since I graduated High School. Waking up every morning to do ... Continue Reading →

God Understands Soldiers

Signs and times unfolding around a soldier can be quite overwhelming and most days it would be nice to be understood by someone outside the military. Since our nation has not been at ... Continue Reading →

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Veteran Evangelism

Every one of us is, in every sense of the term, creatures of comfort. We enjoy everything this modern world has given us and enjoy the company of our friends and family. This reality ... Continue Reading →