5 Misconceptions and Truths About Salvation in Christ

I realized recently that my conversion from atheism to Christianity was so unbelievably different than anything I had expected as to be worthy of recounting. The misconceptions that ... Continue Reading →

Meet Mike Davis: A Testimony

The story of how I came to Christ is a little different than most, but it is one that shows how far God is willing to go to get us home. To simply say that my childhood lacked God would ... Continue Reading →

Being Honest With God: You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

Then the Lord said to Cain, ‘Where is your brother Abel?’ – Genesis 4:9a Speaking to each other is an amazing demonstration of human communication. It becomes even more ... Continue Reading →

What is the Good Life?

For many of us, the concept of the “good life” is inexorably tied with having a life free from suffering and pain. We believe that a good life should be one of plenty and ... Continue Reading →

Worldly Wisdom vs. God’s Word

One of the difficult parts of being a Christian in the modern world is dealing with the concept that God’s Word is antiquated and irrelevant in today’s culture. There is ... Continue Reading →

Think About It: You Are Not Alone

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by people and still felt alone? There were times in my life when I felt like everyone around me did not have a clue to what was going on in my ... Continue Reading →

Meet Kalen Marie: A Testimony

As a new writer with “Veterans to Christ”, I thought the best way to get started would be to tell you about my journey. Military friends planted seeds of my faith, with one specific ... Continue Reading →

In Too Deep

During Desert Storm, I was a 20 year old PFC. Being out of the United States of America for the very first time and traveling to Saudi Arabia was quite a culture shock for a guy from ... Continue Reading →