Why #AskmeaboutJesus and What You Can Do to Join

ASKME “You need Jesus.” These three words are so simple, but hold so many implications. There are three responses that a person has when they hear this statement. Upon hearing this statement a person will respond with complete rejection, curiosity, or joy. These three responses determine the state of a person’s heart (at that specific moment in time). The level of hardness of a person’s heart determines how well they can discern the things of the Spirit and whether or not they are capable of receiving the gift of salvation. While the vast majority of people (no matter what the polls say) reject God and His Word, we are called to reach out to our fellow image bearers of God in an effort to find those who the Spirit might be working in. This is my attempt to try to get you motivated and give you a sort of icebreaker.

The hashtag #askmeaboutJesus, along with the image is intended to be shared throughout social media in effort to find which of our lost friends and family might be searching for the truth. Oftentimes, we know we should be evangelizing more, but we don’t really know how to start and more importantly what to say. I hope that this post will prove useful and might make massive, world changing impact on the kingdom. The reality is that we have hundreds of thousands of people who view our content every week and if even a fraction of you made the decision to follow this example, we could make a difference that could echo throughout this generation and the generations to come. Imagine if a friend or family member who you have written off as lost came to you and simply says, “Please tell me more about Jesus.” Imagine what the Spirit could do through you!

Before I get to the tools I find useful, I want to say that I always tell someone who is curious about Christianity and what it means to read the following books of the Bible in order.

  1. John
  2. 1 Corinthians
  3. Romans

Ok, on to the tools…

Helpful Evangelism Tools

The Three Circles & Life on Mission Book – The book aside (which is very good by the way), the Three Circles Conversation guide (free!) might be the most useful tool for explaining the gospel that I have ever seen. It even comes in a free app (Android or iTunes).

The Story is a fairly new evangelistic tool. It is designed around the four parts of the gospel story: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. They have a colorful and visually stimulating tract in print and in digital form. They now have an accompanying Bible with the tool embedded in it.

Two Ways to Live is a course from Australia that breaks the message of the Gospel down into six simple points in a way that is easy to understand both for the Christian and the non-Christian.

#AskMeAboutJesus Social GraphicsFacebook and Twitter & Instagram

Outreach Bibles – The ultimate weapon in your arsenal! (This end up being only $4 a Bible!)

Go to work my friends. The time is short and people need saving! Even if they don’t know it!

Michael Davis
Senior Editor of Veterans to Christ. Served as a Cavalry Scout from 2005-2009. Iraq Veteran.