Why We Started Veterans to Christ

OXYGEN VOLUME 13 It’s not experiences that defines a person, but for many men and women who have lived through war, those experiences oftentimes control them. They struggle to live in the present but the memories of that far off nightmare constantly thrust them into the past. All too often they rely on themselves to push on while showing a facade to the world as if everything is OK, when in reality it is as far from OK as humanly possible. The concept of “suck it up and drive on” was thrust down their throats from initial training to the end of their enlistment and relying on anything outside themselves is something that everyone of them must relearn.

War is counter everything that makes us human and for those who have experienced it we are never the same. There is a simple truth that anyone who struggles with the nightmares, the flashbacks or the memories of lost friends, must come to accept. We cannot do it on our own. We talk to our friends, we talk to counselors, and we talked to our loved ones, but in truth, for many of us, the memories are just as fresh and raw as ever. At the end of the day when we are alone and the memories come flooding back, we must turn to something that is outside of this world if we truly wish to heal. It is amazing how much grace God has shown to the world that he would give us the gift of salvation through His son, Jesus Christ. An extra added benefit for those who have lived through war is that this grace and this salvation has a healing effect and allows us to realize that no matter what we did and no matter how many friends we’ve lost, God loves us and this world is not our home.

soldiers-pray-with-army-chaplain-vietnam This website has one simple mission. We wish that every veteran, no matter combat experience or time in service, finds the peace that can only be obtained through salvation in Jesus Christ. This is not counseling sessions nor is it light and feathery articles, but a simple invitation to peace. What Christ offers is not an end to suffering, but rebirth and salvation.

It is our sincere hope that every veteran (and their family members) finds hope in what we provide on this website and that we can help in a small way of getting them to understand how much God loves them.

Those of us who write for this blog range from field grade chaplains to combat arms veterans. We feel led to contribute not for anything more than to glorify God and to help our fellow brothers and sisters. May God guide us in our words so that we can be at the right time and the right place for veterans or for those who care about them. We all look forward to seeing how God guides us in this new ministry. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and tell your friends about what we are doing!

Bless you all and thank you for your support.

Michael Davis
Senior Editor of Veterans to Christ. Served as a Cavalry Scout from 2005-2009. Iraq Veteran.