Our Master Passion

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Every person has a master passion, an overruling ambition that drives their soul. This master passion enflames their heart, it establishes their purpose and it empowers them to overcome all obstacles. It can be seen as a person’s highest aim, the greatest motivating factor of their life, what gets them up in the morning and what most captivates their imagination. Even to the most stoic and clinical of us, there is not one who does not have such a passion. For many this master passion is themselves; they are the center of their own universe. For others it is family, or work, or popularity, or sports, or fame.

In the 17th century a group of English and Scottish theologians set out to establish a complete confession of faith in a simple question and answer format, which gave us the Westminster Shorter Catechism. One of the most profound questions asked in the catechism, and by every person ever alive, is simply “What is man’s chief purpose in life?” In other words, “Why am I here?” The answer given, “To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” These great Puritans answered correctly and this answer must be reiterated within our hearts and lives today. This must be our highest pinnacle of aim, our greatest motivation.

Often times we think our decisions are merely good against evil, but that is not always so. Most decisions seem to really be about what is good, better, or best. Our life is too short to merely settle for what is just good and too temporal to just take what is better. So if we cannot live for the good or the better then we must live for the best. What is a life lived to the best? It is a life lived to bring about the utmost glory to God and to enjoy Him forever. So the question arises, that if this is my highest pursuit then, “What is God’s Glory?” We must be able to answer this spot on; there can be no ambiguity in our thinking. We must know what it is to live for the glory of God.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew word for glory, meant weight or weightiness, specifically in describing one’s assets. It would be used to refer to a man’s great riches, his great power and his lofty position. That is exactly what the term is used for when described with God. It is displaying the weightiness of His divine character, and the greatness of His divine being. The glory of God is the sum and the substance of the vast wealth of His being, His character, and His attributes. He is glorious in His righteousness, His holiness, His Sovereignty, His mercy, His wrath and His vengeance. When He speaks His words carry the greatest of weight; for He is God, and there is none like Him. Glory is the revelation and manifestation of who this great God is, and He takes great glory in making Himself known. That is why we are here; that there might be eyes to behold His supreme majesty, mouths to declare His infinite holiness, and hands to lift up His wonderful name.

This is what our master passion should be. That we should one day stand with no veil separating us, face to face in glory with the Almighty, and with beatific vision behold His Glory! There is no greater joy than this! This is the deepest wellspring of joy one could ever know. I urge you today that you would have the highest opinion of God and the most accurate view of who God is. A high view of God leads to high and holy living and it leads to the highest levels of worship. Sound theology leads to a high doxology.

eyeongod Whether we acknowledge it or not all of creation is displaying the magnificent grandeur and the glory of God. Psalms 19:1 validates this point perfectly, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Text after text we see God displaying His glory within scripture, but never was it seen upon this Earth as greatly as it was displayed during the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ. For the writer of Hebrews tells us, “He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power” (Hebrews 1:3).

We are Christians, ambassadors of the Almighty! Our master passion must be constantly seeking to give glory to our God. So many times I am asked is this or that ok, or I can’t find this exact situation in the Bible so that must mean its ok, right? I always answer that we are commanded that every aspect of our life brings glory to God, is what you are trying to do bringing glory to God? If it does not, then it has no business being a part of your life. Oh that we would look upon and live for His true glory and like Moses constantly ask God, “Show me thy Glory!”

-soli Deo gloria

Blake Hart
Disclaimer: The thoughts and views published on the Veterans to Christ blog are those of Blake Hart and in no way are meant to represent the United States Army or the Armed Forces.

Blake Hart is currently serving in the army as a unit supply specialist in Ft. Richardson, AK where he is stationed with his wife Rae and their 7 month old son Colt. Blake has served in the military for 5 years and has been deployed once to Afghanistan for a total of 12 months. He is currently transitioning into the civilian arena in the area of full time ministry. He is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Liberty University, and has applied to start Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall of this year to begin the process of earning his Master’s of Divinity in Homiletics.