What Football Can Teach Us About Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven

I’m so glad that football season is here. Due to possible misinterpretation, I must inform all readers that I’m talking about American football and not the football that we recognize as soccer. Interpretation is essential to proper direction and proper direction is essential to accomplishment. Accomplishment is most attainable if all players are on the same accord. This is similar to how we approach the Word of God with proper interpretation, for correct direction so we can stay on the same accord to eventually make it Paradise. Let’s see how the game of football can help with understanding the Almighty God, Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our purpose with the kingdom.

When we become Believers in God and Christ Jesus (Genesis 1:1-3, Isaiah 41:13 & John 11:25-26) we are considered players on the Almighty God’s Team (AGT). The AGT will always stay undefeated as it has been before the beginning of time. The main reason why the AGT will remain undefeated is because God created the game, He is the Commissioner, Owner of His Team, General Manager and Head Coach. The other teams are led by demons and Satan. Since God has all power, He is the deciding factor for a player staying on or getting kicked off the team (John 15 and John 10:28-30). The players that remain on the team are paid in the form of His protection, His love, His mercy, His grace, His favor, His help, answered prayers and many other blessings. Some of the players are more skilled than others because they receive special heavenly gifts (1 Corinthians 12) which are also used to help add players to the AGT. Christ Jesus is the greatest gift that God gave us (John 3:16). Christ Jesus is our Quarterback because He is the one that is throwing us the footballs. The footballs are blessings and we must make the most out of every blessing we receive (Matthew 25:14-30). Our Great Quarterback stayed in the pocket (came to earth) knowing the defense was going to attack, He is fearless, knows all of the offensive player’s responsibilities and knows all of the defense’s tendencies, brings correction if a player is out of place, He is accurate, He is the face of the AGT, wills His team to victory, leads His team to unbelievable comebacks and will made the ultimate sacrifice of His body to ensure a victory for His team. This definitely describes our Quarterback named Christ Jesus! He came down from heaven to be a player which showed other players how dedicated and obedient He is to His Father’s Team. He did this out of love because He and the Almighty Father want all of us to be victorious. The Offensive Line is the Army of the Lord God (Joshua 5:14-15, Matthew 26:53 & Revelation 12:7-8). The Army of the Lord is a specific group of Angels equipped for conquering during spiritual warfare and offensive lineman in football are equipped to be in the trenched fighting against the defensive line while protecting the Quarterback.

The Quarterback is in tune with the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. Our Offensive Coordinator is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides and teaches us the Word of God which is similar to a head coach and offensive coordinator guiding and teaching their players the play book. The Holy Spirit’s efforts are geared toward strengthening saints because we are one body in Christ Jesus (Romans 12:5) equipped for victory which is the same aim of the Offensive Coordinator of a football team. The Offensive Coordinator’s influence is critical to the development of the team which is why the position coaches must be in tune with Him. The position coaches are Bishops (1 Timothy 3:1), Elders (1 Timothy 4:14), Pastors, Evangelist, Apostles and Prophets and Teachers (Acts 20:17-30 & Ephesians 4:11) because they have direct contact with the players. The offensive players are the receivers, full backs, running backs and tight ends because they are always in position to receive a blessing from the Quarterback to score a touchdown. Scoring a touchdown is similar to receiving a promotion, winning a spiritual battle, overcoming a major hurdle in life, receiving healing from major diseases, and other major blessings. If we can’t score an immediate touchdown then we have to settle for a field goal which is similar to being thankful for something instead of receiving nothing. If a team can’t make a first down then they have to punt the ball which is similar to saints not having faith (Matthew 17:20) thus allowing Satan to steal their joy. This means that the players are the Punters. Christ Jesus is also the Kicker. Kickoffs are similar to our birth, baptisms and re-dedications to Christ Jesus. Satan hates kickoffs and he is always running full steam ahead against us trying to stop us from scoring touchdowns.

angels_demons Satan and his demons are the defense! The defense thrives off of disobedience to the Head Coach, lack of faith and penalties. Everyone knows that disobedience to the Head Coach guidance is a sin! Satan and demons love when a player is disobedient to the Head Coach because disobedience leads to penalties. Satan, Demons and good Angels are the Referees. Satan and demons were once Angels but they defied God and were thrown out of Heaven (Revelation 12:7-12). They are still allowed to approach God with accusations against Believers (Job 1:6-7) which is similar to Referees calling penalties on football players. Referees are not always against the offense which is similar to the role of the good Angels. The good Angels report our good works to God (Matthew 18:10) which is why they can be Referees too. Sometimes it might be difficult to differentiate between good and bad Referees because just like it might be difficult to differentiate between Satan and a good Angel (2 Corinthians 11:14). This is why we have to study the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15 & 3:16-17 and 1 John 4:1). Due to the non-stop efforts of the defense, football players have to practice! Football practice facilities are similar to churches because football players can’t afford to miss practices just like Believers should not miss out on opportunities to fellowship together (Matthew 18:20, Hebrews 10:25 and Colossians 3:16).

Lastly, there is never anger, anxiety or sadness from a loss like what happens when most teams lose because the AGT never loses. The overall objective in football is to win the Super Bowl and receive Super Bowl rings which is similar to all of us receiving salvation in Paradise and our crowns of life (Psalm 62:1 & James 1:12)! We have to help others attain victory too (Matthew 28:16-20) which is another reason why we must attend practices. As long as we please our Head Coach, we will remain victorious! Let’s keep our Head Coach, Quarterback, Offensive Coordinator and fans pleased with our obedience, work ethic and faith in victory for all players! Blessings

Calvin Brown
Calvin Brown is an Ordained Non-Denomination minister at Shechaniah River Church in Newport News, Virginia. He retired from the Army in 2009 after serving 20 years as an enlisted Soldier. During his active duty service, he participated in many major military campaigns such as deployments to Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan and received numerous awards to include two Bronze Stars. He attained his Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies at Saint Leo University, Florida. Calvin currently lives in Hampton, Virginia.