God is Big Enough

Five years ago, when my youngest daughter was two years old, we were playing on the floor. Though I am not necessarily one to play with dolls with anyone but my youngest asked and I ... Continue Reading →

Leader Guilt

Guilt can manifest in interesting ways within the life of soldiers. We are mostly familiar with survivor guilt among soldiers and their battle buddies. However a lesser known type of ... Continue Reading →

A Place of Refuge

Last night I came home after another long day of work, and I was completely exhausted, hungry, and a bit moody. I walked through the door and was greeted by my beautiful wife playing ... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Stay Faithful and Focused on Christ

I have been asked many times, “Chaplain how do you do it?” How do you stay faithful and focused on Christ during deployment? This is one application. Another, is how do ... Continue Reading →

Think About It: The Intent of the Heart

Why do people do what they do? Sometimes I wonder if it is only to impress or please others. If it is to impress others then I believe we are doing things to get praise/approval for ... Continue Reading →

Living Your Priorities

When you ask Christians what their top three priorities are in order of importance they almost always say: God Family Career This cookie cutter “Church answer” is supposed ... Continue Reading →

Quiet Time: A Game Changer

A few years ago I started a morning habit that has had a profound impact on my life. It wasn’t an easy habit to establish, but it was desperately needed. My soul needed ... Continue Reading →

Are you for us or our enemies? Neither!

During my second deployment (Iraq 2005-2006), I was asked by a soldier if I thought God was on our side or on the side of the Muslim terrorists that kept blowing us up every day. I ... Continue Reading →

Where to Turn for Help

Recently, I found myself completely buried in the self-help section of Amazon.com. The addition of our little one on top of being a young husband has presented itself with many challenging ... Continue Reading →

Think About It: Me to We

I remember when our daughter Zoe was about 3, she taught my wife and I a valuable lesson. Leslie and I had established a habit of going on dates throughout raising our children. We ... Continue Reading →