From One War to Another: Being a Man of God

After living through a war, a lot of us are left with many questions. Most pressing for me being, “How can I be a good husband, father, and Christian leader after everything ... Continue Reading →

Requiem For a Warrior: A Veteran’s Quest For Truth

What are the struggles that veterans face every day? What are the lies that we have been made to believe in? What is the truth and how do we find it? This is a brief account of my observations ... Continue Reading →

A Warrior’s Legacy

What would happen if children throughout America were able to see God transform their warrior fathers into loving, gentle dads? What would happen if these children could witness ... Continue Reading →

Leave No Man Behind: Our New Mission

Everyone who has ever served has one particular saying pummeled into them throughout their time in the military, “Leave no man behind.” Whether it’s your closest battle ... Continue Reading →