What is the Good Life?

For many of us, the concept of the “good life” is inexorably tied with having a life free from suffering and pain. We believe that a good life should be one of plenty and ... Continue Reading →

Worldly Wisdom vs. God’s Word

One of the difficult parts of being a Christian in the modern world is dealing with the concept that God’s Word is antiquated and irrelevant in today’s culture. There is ... Continue Reading →

Living Your Priorities

When you ask Christians what their top three priorities are in order of importance they almost always say: God Family Career This cookie cutter “Church answer” is supposed ... Continue Reading →

Why We Started Veterans to Christ

It’s not experiences that defines a person, but for many men and women who have lived through war, those experiences oftentimes control them. They struggle to live in the present ... Continue Reading →

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Veteran Evangelism

Every one of us is, in every sense of the term, creatures of comfort. We enjoy everything this modern world has given us and enjoy the company of our friends and family. This reality ... Continue Reading →