The “Real Man” Crisis

I was watching a show on the television the other day, and there were a group of women on this particular show that went on and on about their idea of what a “real man” was. At ... Continue Reading →

The Road to Rejoicing

I was reading in Luke Chapter 15 today, and was studying the parable of The Lost Son. This parable hits very close to home for me and is one of my favorite parables in the scriptures. ... Continue Reading →

A Place of Refuge

Last night I came home after another long day of work, and I was completely exhausted, hungry, and a bit moody. I walked through the door and was greeted by my beautiful wife playing ... Continue Reading →

Where to Turn for Help

Recently, I found myself completely buried in the self-help section of The addition of our little one on top of being a young husband has presented itself with many challenging ... Continue Reading →

A Meaningful Conversation

“Lord, teach us to pray . . .” – Luke 11:1b I was looking up some information for a weapon I was interested in buying today. I did what almost everyone in the US does, I ... Continue Reading →

Leaving the Military: What Now?

Nothing has been more worrying and stressful than my path of transitioning out of the military. It is all I have known since I graduated High School. Waking up every morning to do ... Continue Reading →